Create New DB by Executing Scripts C#

string sqlConnectionString = @”Integrated Security=True;Initial Catalog=master;Data Source=.”; //Reference Connection String
FileInfo File = new FileInfo(Server.MapPath(“/sample.sql”)); // .SQL path
string script = File.OpenText().ReadToEnd();
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(sqlConnectionString);
Server server = new Server(new ServerConnection(conn));
var db = new Database(server, “sampledb”); // Mention DB Name here i’ve mentioned sampledb as my new DB Name


While generating .sql script in db.Follow these steps

DBname –> Tasks –> Generate Scripts –> select specific database objects (check Tables & SP’s) –> Next –>Advanced(Script Use Database = false) –> OK –>Next

it is mandatory to false Script Use Database if u want to create new DB with different name or else it is not required


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